Injekta Field Systems -  Strategic Soil Management

Injekta Field Systems is a soil advisory company transferring soil science into effective field solutions. We design and engineer soil advice and effective recommendations to advise land managers to make decisions to improve their soil and crop performance.

We specialise in diagnosing soil condition to improve soil, plant and animal performance.  The key to improved productivity for land managers is to understand and improve soil function and performance. 

Soil productivity is governed by the interaction and influence of various physical, biological and chemical factors. Achieving better soil performance requires investigation of all of these relevant factors.

We take into account all the relevant factors - geomorphology, physical differences in the soil horizons that influence plant growth, the functionality and drivers of microbial activity, accurate analysis of ‘plant available’ nutrients and the inherent ability of the soil and plant to facilitate nutrient exchange. 

Injekta Field Systems established the term ‘Soil Use Efficiency’ to describe how well a particular soil performs under certain management guidelines.  We work with our clients to deliver improved productivity from soils on a resilient and sustainable basis.

Injekta Field Systems is the leader in the field of translating the analysis of soil condition into the right management decisions.